Clifton Crusaders

Commissioned by Clifton Crusaders for So Happy In Town x YoungMinds, 2020.

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Clifton Crusaders (est. 2010) are an intramural rugby team from University of Bristol. In support of a team member who opened up about ongoing mental health struggles, the team wanted to directly help him and others too. ︎ [So Happy In Town] is an online blog centred around mental health, and the ‘It’s OK To Feel S.H.I.T’ t-shirt campaign is a fundraising innecitive set up by founder and writer, Susie.

All proceeds of t-shirt sales are donated to ︎ [YoungMinds]. 

Buy a t-shirt or tote bag: ︎ [S.H.I.T shop].

The charity is close to my heart so I am glad I could help in a small way.