Lee Kynaston
The Telegraph Magazine, 2020.

In August, I was asked to photograph Lee Kynaston for an

editorial commission for The Telegraph Magazine. The portrait photographs accompanied the printed written piece

by Kynaston with themes that are close to my heart. It was a real pleasure to be part of something that examines men’s mental health and dealing with the pressures of a global pandemic.

"For men, of course, these challenges are compounded by stiff-upper-lip stereotypes, outdated notions of masculinity and a reluctance to open up about mental-health issues." - Lee Kynaston, 2020. 

︎ ’I was laughed at my fear of illness but it’s OK to be a hypochondriac now’ 

Article first printed on 29th August 2020.

Josh Adam Jones is an editorial portrait photographer based in Bristol (UK).

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