Love, Your Work
Hot Potato Magazine X Picter, 2020.

When good friend Naoise O’Keeffe asked me to photograph something for this project and I found out the other artists who were involved, I was equally terrified and excited. We all approached the brief in a slightly different way,
from sculpture to

still life, origami to portraiture. I was blown away by the diverse and incredible outcomes to the same brief.

I chose to photograph my partner Lauren, and after working through several creative ideas together, we landed on the hand-made Picter ‘towel’ lovingly crafted by my Mum, Tracy. She certainly is a whiz on the sewing machine! My work has become more inwardly focussed recently, photographing those I love who are emotionally (but perhaps not always right now physically) close to me, so working with Lauren felt special.

︎ Interview with the Hot Potato team on the Picter blog.

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