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Nestled in the Wiltshire countryside on an old RAF airbase is Science Museum’s purpose-built facility, home to over 300,000 objects of varying sizes. Since 2023, I have been employed to help photograph a small fraction of this collection - from Oppenheimer’s Trinity Test timing device to Piccard's Gondola (pictured left). This opportunity has been nothing short of stratospheric.

Activity around site steadily increased last year, with many major long-term projects going on. Coinciding with the closure of Blythe House (where collections were originally kept) and consequent rehoming of objects to the National Collections Centre, many large objects (no planes, but many trams, trains and automobiles) were also relocated from the on-site hangars.

As a photography team of 3 on-site, our work involves liaising with different teams (Conservation, Logistics, Curatorial) to create editorial, advertising and educational imagery with a strong, creative style.

Alongside core work, I self-initiated a personal documentary project which is still ongoing. 

Knowing these photographs will be viewed in many years to come is truly awesome.

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