Martin and Darina Bellamy

The Telegraph Magazine, 2021.

“Nimbys vs millionaires:

an English village at war.” 
In September, The Telegraph Magazine sent me on assignment to Coates

, a small village in the Cotswolds where two new residents were causing a stir with the locals. Martin and Darina Bellamy are the owners of Bledisloe House and the surrounding 10-acre plot. They have proposed a major development on the sheep-grazing land of 23 new homes, a cricket pavilion and a shop. Despite some support for the new additions to the village, the couple have also been met with negativity and spite. 

“The need for affordable housing in Coates is undeniable. The average earner in Coates would take about 13 years to save for a deposit before they could get a mortgage on the average house, priced at £500,857 according to data from Gloucestershire County Council.” - Gordon Rayner, 2021.

︎ Nimbys vs millionaires: an English village at war’

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