With over forty-five percent of the population falling into the expatriate category, Oman is a culturally diverse place that has a strong sense of national pride at its heart. The Middle Eastern country accelerated its social and economic developments in the 1970’s, with Sultan Qaboos investing oil revenues into infrastructure, education and healthcare, and has since focussed on tourism as an alternative source of income.

An advertisement for visiting Oman caught the attention of Josh Adam Jones, and throughout 2018-19 he travelled to the capital city of Muscat. Driven by the desire to challenge his own perspective, which had been influenced by Western media, Josh concentrated on the relationships between Omanis and expatriates who live in this Middle Eastern city.

The notion of ‘home’ as a recurrent theme quickly became evident, and the word itself contained a multitude of meanings for different people. Regardless of social status, occupation or nationality, Josh encountered an enormity of pride throughout the country’s populace for the place they call home.

XO is partly a response to Western misconceptions of the Middle East, and misrepresentations of the region’s values

and beliefs. The country is peaceful and prosperous; a sanctuary from the conflicts that affect surrounding areas. Alongside making his own photographs, Josh invited people to contribute hand written accounts of their idea of ‘home’ and their experiences of Oman.

Since beginning the project in 2018, XO has been supported by Ffotogallery (Cardiff, U.K.) and British Council.

Josh Adam Jones is a British artist and photographer who works on long form projects and editorial and advertising portrait commissions. He is based in Bristol (UK).

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